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[The agents grab the startled and protesting men and pressure them head-initially onto the bar whilst just one grabs Zoe and guides her out protectively]

Sam: It is really A personal poll. The press doesn't have use of it... The only real way they'd understand what inquiries ended up getting questioned is should they had been really termed by among the pollsters and... Oh my god!

Bartlet: Why are you currently doing this? You're a player. You might be greater from the occasion than I am. Hoynes would almost certainly cause you to Nationwide Chairman. Leo, convey to me this isn't one of the twelve steps.

Leo: John, I'm sure we have had our ups and downs, but let me be your male below to get a 2nd. You can not be considering getting the main vice chairman in historical past to interrupt a tie heading one other way.

Sam: It was superior treason, and it mattered a fantastic deal! This nation can be an notion, and one that’s lit the whole world for two centuries and treason towards that idea is not just against the law towards the dwelling!

Josh: No, no. 'Trigger there's a potential she suggests no and after that I have to move someplace in which It's going to under no circumstances be spoken of yet again.

Toby: Why's a take a look at-ban treaty so critical? Allow me to inform you. In 1974, India set off a peaceful nuclear explosion. Indira Gandhi herself mentioned they had no intention of developing a bomb, they just desired to are aware that they might.

Babish: You broke some rules, Abbey, and fairly frankly you should be ashamed of by yourself, but this investigation is not about that.

Josh: Toby's correct. What's the very good of remaining in energy if you are not gonna haul your enemies in for questioning?

Leo: I am creating a mental list of those who are snickering, and in some cases as I converse I'm making ready proper retribution. The block of cheese was massive - about two tons. And it was there for just about any and all who could possibly be hungry.

Sam: It's a way of looking such as you're tough on crime, without assuming the burden of becoming tough on crime.

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Bartlet: Humorous you should check with. [will take out knife situation from his drawer] Charlie, my father gave this to me, and his father gave it to him, and now I'm supplying it to you. Take a look. The completely tapered bolster permits sharpening all the fringe of the blade.

Toby: You really know what, old guy? The really moment they swear in the subsequent person, you and I are going round and round.

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